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Stereoview Camera

Well crafted French stereoview camera. Entirely made of old walnut wood, assembled thanks to interlocking dovetailed panels. It is a fixed focal length camera with a brass guillotine shutter equipped with a clockwork mechanism. On the back of the camera rests a tilt frame holding a checkered ground glass. Said ground glass is protected by a tilting door. The front plate which holds the shutter/ lens couple can perform a vertical tilt-shift and can be removed entirely from the body of the camera. There are no markings featuring the maker or seller on the body of the device. There is only a number « 165 » and an engraved figure : a lion resting on a pedestal with lightning bolts and  radiating circle. There appears to be no document relating the existence of such a device. 
La note de l’expert

Chambre stéréo


Fin des années 1880




Réservé / Reserved

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