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Lefèvre Lampadorama

The Lefèvre Lampadorama was patented on November 9th 1876. It is presented as follows : « This device is comprised of an opaque box, the top and bottom sides of which are pierced by two holes which allow one to place any two sorts of lamps which have globe holders at the same height.  Inside the box, a system of reflectors mirrors the light emanating from the two lamps on the back panel where one can place objects or opaque images that thus become strongly lit. The front panel, which faces the object being lit, a system comprised of converging lenses (the protruding lens shaft) serves to project a more or less enlarged image onto a screen. The same Lampadorama can transform into a magic lantern or into a lampascope. To achieve this, one must do as follows : the object in our previous example is to be replaced with a system comprised of reflective mirrors which send the light towards the front of the machine, towards a slot which its used to slide in transparencies. (Source INPI). There are a couple slight touch-ups, but it is in beautiful condition overall.
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Lampadorama Lefèvre






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