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DALLMEYER Portrait Lens Patent N°1B Soft Focus

This is a highly reputed English made lens. This example dates from around 1890 (aperture 1:3). The lens has a special system for giving a finely adjustable amount of soft focus depending on the effect required. : "...Dallmeyer lenses are capable of delivering really sharp images, or varying degrees of soft focus as required. The resultant image maintains excellent clarity in the halftones, and an artistic softness in the contours." Adjustment is by turning the rear mount and there is are notches on the rear lens mount for calibration (visible in the photos). A catalogue at the time commented : "lenses in this series are very fast, the ratio of aperture to focal length being one third.../...The N° 1B focal length 152mm is recommended for portraits of children......"
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DALLMEYER Objectif à Portrait Breveté N°1B Série B




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