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M.L. de Pulligny Adjustable Landscape Lens

This Adjustable Landscape Lens was invented by M.L. de Pulligny in 1897 during the so called "pictorialist" movement. It is 65mm tall. A rack and pinion mechanism handles the focusing. This lens has a variable focal length (in the 250 to 500mm range) thanks to its rack which makes moving the two groups of elements of the lens quite simple. Another feature of this lens is that it possesses two apertures made of twelve-blade irises each. Said aperture irises are situated outside of the two optical groups (symmetrical meniscus) one in the front and one in the back. The aperture rings are graduated in millimeters from 5 to 25mm. Only the name of its inventor is featured on the barrel of the lens. There is no serial number, no signature of the optician (Darlot) who usually made this model.
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Adjustable Landscape Lens de M.L. de Pulligny


Ca. 1897




800 euros

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