Georges Demeny (attributed to), miniature Phonoscope.

Georges Demeny (attributed to), miniature Phonoscope. For reproducing the illusion of movement. Operating with a clockwork mechanism to turn a 6,2 cm disc with chronophotographic images on its edge, with a 2-slit shutter operated by a button on the side of the apparatus. This example bears no maker's mark, and differs from the Demeny phonoscope in the collections de la Cinémathèque française which is operated by a handle, and the plate is 7cm diameter. Otherwise, the shutter system and 2 notches on the disc for centring the first image are the same. Bibliography : Le mouvement continué. Catalogue illustré de la collection des appareils de la cinémathèque française. Laurent Mannoni. Mazzotta 1996.
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Georges Demeny




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