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Cinema lens LOMO, Zoom 25-250mm f/4.2

350 PL 7—1. Russian-made zoom with a 25-250mm focal selection and apertures ranging from f/4.2 to f/22. Cosmetically there are some scuffs and scratches but there are no dents, no bangs  or signs of misuse. The aperture, focal selection and focusing rings are smooth. It comes with both lens caps. The glass elements show signs of cleaning, small scratches as well as dust. There is no notable haze or lens separation. However, there is a noticeable cluster of fungus in the front anamorphic lens group in the lens periphery (not in the middle) as well as a chipped front element, also in the periphery of the, this time rectangular, lens. This lens comes with a selection of rear element anamorphic elements, shown in the pictures, which can double the focal length to 50-500mm. The mount is a Russian OCT-19.
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