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Cinema lens LOMO, Zoom 20-120mm f/2.5, non standard Russian mount

350 PL 18—1. Measuring 37 cm in length and weighing in at 6kg this imposing Russian-made zoom allows focal section between 20 and 120mm, at apertures ranging from f/3.3 to f/22. The mount is a non standard Russian mount, close but not identical to Arri PL. It will require adaptation to fit virtually any known lens mount. The lens is equipped with a quick release shoe fastened to the body of the lens thanks to a clasp. Cosmetically there are some scuffs and scratches but there are no dents, no bangs  or signs of misuse. The aperture, focal selection and focusing rings are smooth. The glass is in good condition, minor scratches and some dust is to note. There is no discernible haze, fungus or lens separation. The front lens cap is provided.
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