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Cinema anamorphic lens kit DYALISCOPE 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, Caméflex mount

Full anamorphic lens kit for 35mm Caméflex cinema camera. Three focal lengths provided : 50mm f/2.5 Angénieux, 75mm f/2 Kinoptik, 100mm f/2.5 Cooke. These vintage lenses from the fifties are in overall good condition. Cosmetically there are some occasional scuffs and scratches, no dents, no bangs  or signs of misuse.  The aperture and focusing rings are smooth (the focusing ring on the 100mm needs a bit of grease). The glass is in good condition. Given it's age and previous professional use, it presents some minor scratches, some dust and some fringe haze. Given the haze present in the lenses and in the anamorphic blocs, we would recommend a professional cleaning of the elements before use. The set comes with front and rear lens caps for all lenses. A marvelous set overall, very rare, historic.
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