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Chronophotographe G. Demenÿ / Gaumont

"Nouveau Chronophotographe G. Demenÿ" - G. Demeny's New Chronophotograph

Here we have an exceptional outfit that includes the various elements of this cine camera. It is the first Small Model, 35mm, Cinematographic Apparatus by Gaumont. It can be used for filming, printing and projecting. It was presented to the Société Française de Photographie on 5 november 1897 and appeared in catalogues from that time, described as "a precision apparatus, absolute image stability, without flickering, the only one to ensure that the film will not be damaged due to the traction acting on the entire width of the film, not by sprocket holes. In the Annuaire général de Photographie of 1898, this camera is described as "new reversible model... with two light tight boxes fitted to the camera, one for film before printing, and one for film that has passed behind the lens.... The complete outfit we have here includes the elements for filming and printing that are mentioned in the extremely rare manual that is also included in the lot : chronophotographic camera, crank handle, disc, anastigmat lens on lensboard, two magazines, two spools, the traction mechanism, film support for projection with regulator, projection lens on lensboard, waxed, sliding wooden base, a blackened "inoxidisable" lantern, and its very rare film winder;

This is the only know example in such a complete state, with its lantern and accessories.

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Chronophotographe G. Demenÿ / Gaumont






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