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Le Photo-Stéréo-Binocle GOERZ

The Photo-Stereo-Binocular by the famous optician, camera and binocular maker C P Goerz is a real spy camera, and could be used for taking pictures or as a pair of binoculars without any complicated manipulation. It was described in a 1900 journal as follows: "The Photo-Stereo-Binocular is exactly the shape of a pair of binoculars. The tubes of this apparatus function as opera glasses, field glasses or as a camera for stereoscopic or monoscopic views. Time and instant exposures are possible in the 4.5 X 5 cm format. No need to dismantle the apparatus to change between functions. The plate holders are made of fine laminated steel plate, and are perfectly light-tight. Hard item to find, particularly in its original case.

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Le Photo-Stéréo-Binocle GOERZ


Ca. 1900




Format 4,5 x 5 cm


3500 €

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