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The Kombi, Kemper

The KOMBI was patented in 1895 by Alfred Constantine Kemper in Chicago. It was marketed in France by Haufeurt Frères, 81 rue de la Grande Armée in Paris. This distributor presented it as follows : "All metal device, silver plated and oxidized. The cheapest (16 fr.), the lightest (140 gr.), the smallest (5 cm by 4 cm), the only one forming a Graphoscope, the only one that can be put in the pocket, a child can operate it, the only one giving 25 prints without being reloaded, the only one practical for tourists, cyclists, etc...". Meniscus lens, rotating shutter. Single diaphragm. It comes in a strong cardboard case, marked with gold letters. A truly beautiful object.
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United States of America


500 €

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