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Rare camera for taking 4 cdv photos at once on the same plate.

Rare camera for taking 4 cdv photos at once on the same plate. Disderi was the originator of this type of camera. Fine construction in old walnut, with traditional dovetail joints. Typpical collodion era bellows. There are 2 flaps on the sides of the front section. Focusing is by rack and pinion using knobs. The 4 Portrait Petzval type lenses, signed Darlot, are fixed to an internal panel. The shutter comprises 2 sliding slatted wood curtains that close the opening on the front of the camera. Very hard to find camera, that is important in the history of the evolution of photography. Circa 1870
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Chambre collodion pour cartes de visite


Ca. 1870




4500 euros

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