Megaletoscopio.(megalithoscope) Carlo Ponti.

Exceptional Megalithoscope with carvings on the 3 doors. On top, a portrait of GALILEO, to the right (from in front), ALESSANDRO VOLTA, and to the left, the philosopher PICO DELLA MIRANDOLA. This apparatus was inspired by the Polyrama Panoptique, and Daguerre's Diorama. The viewer rotates on its base, so that the user can look at both horizantal and vertical images. Le megalithoscope is positioned in front of a bright light source. With a view in place, the doors can be opened or closed to obtain an effect of day or night. Invented by Carlo Ponti in 1862. Italy. (My thanks to Laura Minici Zotti from the Museo del PRECINEMA, PADUA Palazzo Angeli Prato della Valle 1/A)
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Carlo Ponti




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