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We buy old and rare still cameras, motion picture cameras, scientific and technical cameras as well as vintage photographs and photographic processes.

We also offer a free valuation service for single items or entire collections.

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We buy 19th Century photographs and photographic processes, vintage cameras, early ciné equipment, scientific, technical, acoustic, optical, electrical and astronomic instruments and toys for private collectors, institutions and museums. We are pleased to give you our opinion, advice or valuation of single items or entire collections. You are welcome to visit the gallery at 16 rue de Vaugirard in Paris’s 6th arondissement, between the Jardin du Luxembourg and St-Germain-des-Prés. +33 (0)677825893

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Kromskop de Frederic Eugène Ives, Usa. (Photochromoscope)

Ive’s Kromskop

Ive’s Kromskop by Frederic Eugène Ives, Usa. (Photochromoscope) This viewer gives colour stereo viewing using the trichromatic process. 3 identical B&W stereo glass plates are placed on the 3 colour filters - red green and blue. A colour image in 3D is seen through the viewing lenses. The 3 (...)

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We are looking for 19th Century photographs and photographic processes. Take a look at our collectors’ photographs and the list of photographers that are of interest to us.


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Appareils photographiques, cinématographiques, techniques, scientifiques

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