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Exceptional and important floor standing stereo viewer for 9 x 12 Autochrome

Exceptional and important floor standing stereo viewer for 9 x 12 Autochrome views. Designed to take 9 x 12 Mattey slide trays. The Autochromes are mounted on passe-partout frames measuring 15 cm. The construction is of high quality in Cuban flame mahogany. There is a large adjustable mirror at the rear to direct the light onto the views. The viewer has 50 views in 9 x 12 format depicting family and friends of Fernand Ducretet circa 1910 / 1920.

Provenance : The family of Eugene and Fernand Ducretet.

Ducretet was active during the early years of wireless transmisson, the beginningof radiodiffusion. He established the first radio link in France in 1898 on November 5th, when he transmitted sounds from the Eiffel Tower to the Panthéon. The images are of his entourage. This is an item of unique character, worthy of a museum. Dating between 1910 and 1920.

La note de l’expert

DUCRETET Borne visionneuse pour autochromes


1910-1920 environ




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