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Court game of astronomy

Very rare pack of cards. The "Court Game of Astronomy" The set consists of 52 cards in 4 suits, as with a regular pack of cards. However, in this case, each suit represents a season : Hearts = Spring Diamonds = Summer Clubs = Autumn Spades = Winter Cards 8, 9 and 10 of each suit carry the signs of the Zodiac for that quarter of the year. The other card carry the principle constellations for that season. All the cards are dealt to the players, and the dealer leads with his most predominant suit. When a player can no longer follow suit, he assumes the lead, and so on till the first person runs out of cards and wins the game. More detailed rules, as well as a brief explanation of astronomy are written in the accompanying booklet. The cover of the booklet is signed ???am and Henry Rock - ?????hers (Publishers) of Scientific Games. Complete, and with leather case. Minor damage inside case, to one corner of two cards, and to one corner of the booklet cover.

  • Marque : Court game of astronomy
  • Année : 1820
  • Pays : Angleterre
  • Note : 4/4

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